Dionne S (Leith)

Absolutely delighted with the high quality coaching from Sean and Chris.  My son (5yrs)  had never cycled before and after attending the EASTER cycle session he gained the skill and confidence to cycle solo. 

Justine D (Portobello)

A family friend recommended  I made contact to secure a space for my girl (6yrs), who would not ever sit on a bike due to a previous fall.  After the first session she was buzzing about. Thanks to ECT.

Christine C (Mountcastle)

My son (5yrs) attended the summer cycle classes and he enjoyed the games and was able to cycle without his stabiliser support.  The ECT team are truly fantastic and great at engaging the kids.

Ciara T (Duddingston)

Attended the Easter classes to build the confidence of my  girl (6yrs) to cycle. After a few sessions she was like a ‘duck to water’. The coaches made the learning fun with games. 

Evelyn M (Joppa)

I was not sure if my daughter (7yrs) would actually be able to cycle as I had tried to get her on a bile for over a year.    These guys made games fun which in turn managed to get her to balance and cycle within two sessions. 

Pamela B (Newcraighall)

I heard of ECT through my sons school.  My son (5yrs) absolutely loved the sessions.  He looked forward to going every morning that week where he gained such confidence and awareness. 

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